Your commitment is your business. Trojan Execute exists to make sure we support you in that commitment and ensure you can execute on your business plan.  Our range of hardware and Software solutions are from Enterprise Partners designed to deliver on 7 nines uptime.  Areas of expertise are Hyper-V Clustering, Fabric Networking, Mobile Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning and Hybrid-Cloud Architecture.

Servers for Donegal enterprises


Trojan has been a Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc Partner for 20 years.

We deploy HPE’s Rack Mount servers, HP Inc’s Workstations and Elitebooks – linking them together with HPE Aruba’s Network Fabric.

cyber security


While hardware forms the foundation, Software helps deliver greater productivity and efficiencies to your teams.

With greater computer power and less bottlenecks, we can deliver software solutions to remove repetitive tasks from your processes, allow more dynamic modelling of your business assumptions and allow you to get real time reporting on your business and it’s performance.

Trojan Connect


With the rise of broadband connectivity across the globe it has become more and more important to connect all your stakeholders to your company’s IT systems.

Our systems allow you to empower your customers to buy direct from you, your suppliers to predict your stock need, your advisors to help you respond to real time data all at their own convenience, from any device any where in the world.

Case Studies

Frames Direct

Frames Direct is one of Ireland’s largest manufacturers of PVC and Aluminium Windows and Doors for the trade, having grown to now have three manufacturing facilities.

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