Trojan Manage leverages the latest AI and Automation tools, together with the knowledge and skills of our highly trained team to proactively monitor and correct infrastructural and software issues in real time and reactively respond to end user support requests.

software defined wan


The majority of problems in any IT infrastructure are very similar, building an AI to monitor and look for the symptoms of these issues means that solutions to these issues can be automated as they occur in real time.

  • Keep recurring issues from happening by implementing proactive monitoring
  • Auto-remediate issues as they happen with scripting
  • Increase productivity with increased system uptime
  • Save tech time by scripting Tier 1 tasks and documenting results
  • Real time Analysis on bandwidth requirements and compute power requirements
virtual private network


Patch management is essential for protecting your systems.

Patch multiple machines simultaneously, manage by exception, and secure more endpoints.

SD Wan


We use the latest Help Desk solution from our partner Connectwise.

We integrate our support engineers with your teams, bringing an in-house feel to any support queries raised and managing the flow of information in a way that both leads to a speedier resolution.

Case Studies

Mowi ASA

Mowi ASA is the world’s leading Salmon Farming Company, with operations in 25 countries, employing 15,000 employees.

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