Our Core is a set of Guidelines and System Controls we have implemented to Deliver Solutions and Services to our Clients of the highest order.

Our Story

Trojan is lead by CEO, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast Troy Armour.

Trojan was founded by Troy after seeing first-hand the increasing demand for high quality IT solutions within the tech sector. Since then, the team has expanded and have created a quality focused business with innovation at the core.

With over 25 years of expertise in the IT Industry, Trojan Technology is recognised as an industry trailblazer, with headquarters in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland and offices in Dublin, Trojan Technologies approach to IT solutions and client management is best in class.

Trojan Technologies continues to grow from strength to strength since it’s founding in 1996. Trojan Technologies specialises in providing servers, networks and VoIP Telephony both inland and offshore.

Trojan Technologies will listen to, and understand your business, discover your pain points, and ultimately find a solution that will add value at all points in your processes.

Organisations today are not only facing increasing levels of regulatory and legislative change and oversight but are also dealing with growing connections to all stakeholders in many different countries. 

At the same time, customers have increasing expectations of service and trustworthiness from the companies they deal with and are prepared to take action when their expectations are not met.

At Trojan Technologies, we have implemented our own internal systems to ensure that we handle risk management frameworks and compliance appropriately, with a strong focus on consumer protection and the delivery of appropriate outcomes for our customers and their stakeholders.

Where we manage your services, we embed our systems, so that you can be confident we are operating a controlled business on your behalf and meeting regulatory and other governance responsibilities.  Our tools record and log all client sessions so that we meet the highest of standards in Change Management and traceability of all changes and adjustments made to your internal systems.

Pillars of our Core

Treating customers fairly

We believe that our customers are central to our success, and our approach ensures that all business processes are customer focused.

Managing breaches, including data protection​

We promote compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

Handling complaints fairly

We are committed to ensuring that complaints are handled fairly, and we focus on correction and prevention.

Quality control

We make sure that quality controls are appropriate for the complexity and risk profile of your business, resulting in reduced costs and improved customer experience.

Process and procedure

We ensure that all your documentation is robust, is set out in a consistent and easily understood format and is reviewed regularly.

Root cause analysis

We promote effective identification of true root causes so that underlying problems can be addressed, and customer experience improved.

Training and competence​

We ensure that every employee has the knowledge and skills to perform their role to the necessary standard.


All our engagements with our clients and their teams are logged and recorded for full traceability.