Trojan Protect is an Enterprise Class security solution, delivered with our partners Fortinet, which provides true integration and automation across an organisation’s security infrastructure.

We offer web security solutions for enterprises in the North West of Ireland including intrusion prevention systems.

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network.

intrusion prevention systems

With company perimeters expanding as a result of digital transformations, the attack surface has also expanded.

All components are configured, managed, and monitored from a centralized management system. This helps eliminate the silos associated with point product security infrastructures. The management system, integrates with our AI system which facilitates zero-touch deployment of remote components, saving man hours and further reducing operating costs.

Voice solutions accommodate efficient employee collaboration within a centralised, safe and secured environment.


With all components driven by the same operating system, the Fabric means consistent configuration, management, and painless, real-time communication.

In addition to integrating Fortinet products and solutions, the Security Fabric includes prebuilt API connections for more  other Fabric-Ready partners that ensure integration across all of the Security Fabric Components.

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Dental Medical Ireland

Dental Medical Ireland is Ireland’s leading distributor of medical devices, consumables and medicines to the Dentist Industry.

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